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Jul 23, 2023

With all the care that comes with owning a home, the gutters can be the last thing on the minds of homeowners. To ensure your roof avoids damage and continues to perform over the winter, contact a professional gutter cleaner. The pros will ensure your gutters are thoroughly cleaned and function at peak performance.

As fall approaches, now is the best time to ensure you get on schedule to have your local pressure washing pros at PowerSoft come out and get you ready for the holiday season. We can ensure clogged gutters don’t increase your risk for ice damming and overflow once they get filled with ice and snow this winter.

Ice isn’t nice

“Wait, did you say ICE DAMMING!!??” Yes, ice damming occurs during the winter months and the devastating effects can go unnoticed for years. Eventually you begin to see damp spots on the ceiling or walls, then peeling paint, and finally the sagging dry wall. This usually effects homeowners that opt to have their gutters cleaned only in the spring, (if at all☹) where the leaves from fall have clogged the downspouts and increased ice build up along the side of your roof. As the roof heats up above freezing, from the attic temperature rising and releasing heat, snow melts and pools on the roof edges that are still below freezing. Here the pooled water seeps under the shingles and makes its way onto your ceiling or inside your walls.

Remove Debris

There are various methods to clear ice from your gutters should they become clogged or dammed, but the best way to address the issue is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Leaf and debris removal should be a regular part of your home maintenance. Homeowners should have their gutters cleaned twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring. Do not let the added pressure from ice build-up cause your gutters to begin separating from your home before the spring rains begin to fall.


PowerSoft Has the Tools

We are entering the peak season for gutter cleaning and area companies will certainly be running “specials” to get you the service you need. With our equipment and experience, PowerSoft has the tools and skills to ensure that every foot of gutter is clean. We will purge your downspouts of current or past buildup. Don’t risk your safety by hanging over the side or your ladder, give PowerSoft a call and get the Quality Service you deserve!

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